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Hello, I am Rajan Bhattarai. 💎

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24 Feb 2018 . tech . Deploying your first Rails App in DigitalOcean!

When i started making my first ruby on rails app, it worked great on local development environment. The idea was simple enough, the app would generate the CV for the user and also let them download it. So, i thought, why not deploy in production server?

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  • April 2018 - Today

    Internship in Full Stack Web development using Ruby on Rails in Enliv IT.

  • Sep 2017 - Dec 2017

    Internship in Networking and System Focused Activities in Mavorion System.

  • Dec 2013 - Jan 2018

    4Y/8Sem BSc. CSIT as a Bachleor’s degree from NIST College.

  • Jun 2010 - May 2013

    +2 Science from Banepa NIST HSS.

  • April 2001 - June 2010

    School from SIVM.

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