Step by Step Guide to Configure second router in your WIFI network!

By Rajan Bhattarai - 4 years and 3 months ago / Dec 2019
Step by Step Guide to Configure second router in your WIFI network!

Originally posted on: 2018-11-05. Updated on: 2019-12-05.

Connecting to Internet today has been an extremely easy task for today’s time. The process is very simple. Just subscribe an appropriate plan from an ISP and they will setup the rest of the process so that you can get connected to the Internet in very less time. They will configure the cable connection, setup your user name and configure the Router and we are ready to go. But the problem arises when the centrally configured Router is unable to send better signal to other place where you are wanting to work or sleep during night. For this, we need to keep second router and then configure it. Below we will see on how to configure the second router and make it work on our case.

I have two router for this purpose. One of them is from Huwaei and another one is DIGICOM. Since, I have already setup the Huwaei router as my primary router, we will setup our DIGICOM router as secondary or second router in following experiment. So without being late, let’s start the process.

Steps on configuring the DIGICOM router.

We will be calling main router for primary one and slave router for second one.

STEP-1. Factory reset the DIGICOM or second router. For this you will mostly need the small pinhole like structure at the back of the router. Press it for more than 10 second and you will see the flash light that makes sure the router is reset.

STEP-2. Link the slave and main router by the ethernet Cable. The important part during this step is to enable the LAN connection in your main router.

After you have enabled the LAN option in main router, then plug the ethernet cable to the WAN port in the Slave router and then plug another end to the LAN port in the main router. Mostly there are 4 ports available for the LAN configuration in the main router but it depends on your router model if you are trying. Once plugged, you should be able to see the lights in the main router.

STEP-3. After the step 2 is completed, there is nothing to do with main router. We will now focus on the slave router. Since the slave router is reset, connect the WIFI network on the second one which is default one.

STEP-4. Now, goto browser and find the default IP address for the slave router. Mostly the default IP address are

But if the above info, doesn’t help, Google the default IP for your router along with Router model.

In my case, since i am setting up, Digicom router, my default address is

Note: You can do step 4 by connecting to the SSID that is broadcast from the second router. This method will work only if you haven't connected your second router to the main router. If you have completed step 2, secondary router may automatically gain IP address, so you can't login to the second router with IP address like Find the IP address for the second router and type in the address bar and proceed for the Step 5.

The IP address will look as below [focus on the PortID followed by LAN]

STEP-5. Login to the router using the user name and password. The default user name and the password are different according to the router model. In case of the DIGICOM and other router, by default it is set to admin as user name and admin for the password. Now head to the setup option for the Router. The default screen for the digicom will look like this.

STEP-6. Click on the setup option. You will find the manual and the next option, since we are not setting it for the main router we will leave it for now to go into Next and choose the Manual option.

STEP-7. Setup the WAN Access type to the DHCP client. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a network protocol that enables a server to automatically assign an IP address to a computer from a defined range of numbers (i.e., a scope) configured for a given network. It will automatically configure the IP address from the main router. Also set up the DNS to attain auto and Default Mac and apply changes.

STEP-8. Now, the WAN configuration will look like this after you apply changes. For this click on the status button in the navigation bar.

Protocol: DHCP

IP address:



Status: Link Up (DHCP client)

Finally in the slave router, Configure for the SSID or wifi name anything you like and password as shown in the following image. Goto the wireless option in navigation bar and click on it where you will see like this.

Congratulation, You setup is complete. Reminded, your device will get original IP address from the main router but not from slave router.

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