The Ultimate Guide to Start Blogging in 2022!

By Rajan Bhattarai - 3 years and 11 months ago / Apr 2020
The Ultimate Guide to Start Blogging in 2022!

Originally posted on: 2019-12-31. Updated on: 2022-01-15.

Blogging has been the new way to make you feel that you can be passionate about. A blog and nice content means someone is well really nice with flow of information about the field. So, you also want to start blogging and share stuff with the world and know the benefit? Then you have come to the right place.

Blogging is relatively easy as you can get started in minutes and up and running. Likewise other field, blogging also requires something that can turn into profitable and income oriented no less than an ordinary job. Also, you can put this as your side job.

So, you are excited to know and learn about the blogging today and start right now? Whoa, hold on. In this article, i will explain you why blogging, and what things you require for blogging and what you can make out of it.

I started blogging back in the 2012 not knowingly what blog actually was because i loved to write. Back then i loved to write about various subject and share with friends. In this years i have learnt a lot about blogging and will share the information with you.

Before starting how to blog thing, why don’t we learn what possible advantages can the blogging make out of it? Here’s are some of them.

1.Online identity:

Blogging will be your new online identity if you constantly become active in the blogging world. The more the content you write about, the more active you become to blogging world and the more belongingness you can feel. People are constantly looking for the new content, unique ideas and they will ultimately identify the pitchers, creators of the content thus by giving you a new identity.


While blogging unique contents in the internet, blogging has also become the way to engage with people. Even the most blogger who constantly blog also agree with this fact because they can engage with targeted people and communicate with them, sell products and services.

3.Express yourself:

A lot of blogger start with the concept of blogging something they like. Exactly this is true, because blogging gives you the way to express yourself and share the things or subject you have interest in.


You can make money while blogging. If you can really provide uniqueness in your content then people will start looking for you and ultimately make money out of blog.

So, much advantages of blogging, but where do we start. Well, in the following points, we will know what things are requires for blogging to start.

Basic steps on how to start blog.

1.Content subject

2.Blogging platform

3.Custom domain and hosting

4.Blog design

5.Start writing unique content

Without making late, i will make you clear about these steps.

1.Content subject:

At first make sure yourself what you will be blogging about. Most people start blogging out of their passion. Its OK although you need to make sure of yourself the area of writing you will be blogging about. This can make you gain focus on the subject you will write and engage with the audience and generate niche contents.

Some of the specific areas for blogging might be:

i.Your business or products involved materials

You can actually blog about your business and promote your products via blogging. This will make you interact and engage more with audience that you are trying to target. For more, why small business needs blog or website, i have written a blog post, check here.

ii.Personal interest of matter

Blogging can not only be some official products or things in the internet. You can start blogging for things you like. For example someone likes to post literature stuff, then blogging will definitely help them. It is not always money or economical things blogging cares about but also feeling that people want to expose, share what events happened and what other people can learn about.

iii.Your working subject

Some people would like to start blogging on things they work. For example, programmers, developers might blog the current working trends they are seeing and can share user experience to the fellow workers or friends. Blogging never ceases to amaze people!

2.Blogging Platform

Blogging platform is one of the definite option to think about. What platform will suite you most? Ultimately we have winner here, Wordpress. Wordpress is amazing CMS, that allows user to configure hassle free settings to make things running in few minutes. However this doesn’t means other platform are not useful. The following statistics will provide some data for comparison

If you are unsure about how to set things with the platform here are some suggestion,

a. Wordpress

The most popular CMS platform. For this you will need to have a hosting platform.

b. Blogger

Easy but limited platform. It is provided by Google.

c. Tumblr

Half blogging plus half social network platform.

Make sure on checking further blogger post. I will be posting on how to choose blogging platform.

3. Choose Domain Name and Hosting

Serving your content will make more robust and authentic if you are using custom domain. Most people argue that owning custom domain will be more helpful but this case is only applicable if you select proper one. Try choosing .com domain extension it will help generating more traffic as it is considered as neutral tlds. Choose hosting platform depending upon the location and your needs. Select your local hosting platform for more services as they can be dealt directly if any problem arises in comparison to the international hosting which can be both tiresome for payment and the troubleshooting. If you are in applicable location to deal with foreign currency easier (say dollars) then goto hosting like Bluehost, hostgator as they provide easy hosting solution with free domain name. Relatively in addition to hosting purchase, it is easier to setup basic functionalities such as domain name pointing, DNS managing etc. If you purchase domain and both wordpress in one place, you can directly install wordpress and go further step.

4.Blog Design

After you have purchased domain name and managed hosting solution for your blog, now it is time design blog. Designing blog is easy approach as it is some hours work. Design blog in such a way that the homepage should attract people not only with content but also with design. A nice and finished design is always a plus point than some ugly design. Label your pages, tags properly. Make about and contact pages properly and add nice commenting as well as sharing features. Add email collecting system or more common subscribing features that asks visitor to enter email address after certain moment they visit on the page or article. Add some social media follow button so that it reflects your socialization more clearly. Any other design are optional regarding the type of your blog.


Now once we have everything right to be fired up, it’s time to write some clear concept articles on particular subject as per your interest. You can always enhance the subject matter by planning the keywords what people are searching to make more enhanceable. Write long text article because it provides more concept and fact. Always search for the latest data and give references if you have copied something from other location such as images or text portion. Insert contextual images for the blog. You can find copyright free image to put in blog for this purpose.

Give proper tags and label. Title and links should be carefully planned because they are very helpful when searched in search engine such as Google.

Once these steps are done, publish the post. Now they should look cheesy! After publication of some posts, share them in social media and engage with fans, followers, friends. Recommend your friends, fans to visit your blog and ask to give feedback.

After setting up blog, once you realize the basics of blogging, you can sign up for other services such as Google adsense for monetizing, webmaster for indexing your contents to search engine and Google analytics for your blog analytics.

Well that’s all for today. Hope it will help for you. I will be posting related articles about blogging in coming post. Stay updated or subscribe us. Cheers. :) Happy Blogging!

This post is modified with some new datas. Originally published in 2018-01-08.

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