My Music Routine in coding hours!

By Rajan Bhattarai - yesterday / Jul 2019
My Music Routine in coding hours!

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Music is always the most pleasent teacher that has guided us through every all situations. You have been through in those situation and music is there for you to fight for you, to stay with you as your loyal guide. So, this time i am presenting all you my music routine in coding hours.

I have been working as a Software Engineer for quite sometime now. And during my working hours, i like to have matchable music playlist to bond with my work. I take breaks and change my working shifts and during these moments and so is my Music Playlist.

I usually divide the whole working day session into 5 or 6 different shifts depending upon the working pattern including working from Home during nights as well. Listening to same pattern of music in all times of day isn’t going to help you and can be tedious as well.

Morning Stuff [ 7- 9 / 9:15 - 9:45 ]

I would like to divide my morning shift depending upon the day or working pattern. If i am at office, i start the normal routine at 9:15 or 9:00 am. At the first hour, i listen to the “BHAJAN.”Quite a few people may find this as surprising but i have something miracle inside it. The first thing in the work is i try to manage all the cards and the pleasent music of the Bhajan really helps me to calm down and start my day on.

Day Session 1 [ 10:00 - 11:45 ]

I start this session with soft rock music and some inspirational songs with medium volumes. This is the starting of the work so i try to gain the speed on working with features or bugs or any kind of tickets in there assigned for me. I am die hard fan of LINKIN PARK and Eminem. Also there are numerous bands i shuffle the playlist on while doing my works.

Day Session 2 [ 12:30 - 3:15 ]

This is one the hard to be the most focusable time to accelerate the momentum. Everything HARD. Work HARD, Listen HARD. A whole hardcore music playlist in the ear with bigger volumes more energy and blood flow in the veins. Creates goosebumps and all the energy up at once. Although i haven’t any strong preference over the band, i just want to feel in the veins at all.

Conclusion Session [ 3:15 - 6 ]

Mostly peaceful ones and calming type of music. The day is just getting older and the work is about to come to conclusion mostly finish at one point and i would like to change the playlist to soft music, mostly country music or pop music. In addition to them, i listen to the progressive rock songs. And if it is about to rain, the theme is changed to jazz playlist or piano playlist.

Night Session [ 9 - *** ]

Night session is sometime when you dont want to lose focus on the track of your stuff either it is work or your side projects. Because that time is when you want to avoid distracting sleep and focus on things. This summer is one of the best time to enjoy late night rain and the sound of the rain itself comes into great play when you are doing your stuffs and this is really fantastic.

Selection: Anything that is low on volume and slow on filling the void!

Well this is my music routine and it gets changed like in everyday so i really haven’t mentioned band specific. Do comment below and see if we find the fit or if we have the similar music taste. Until then


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