Here's what i learnt from my blogging Journey!

By Rajan Bhattarai - 4 months and 1 day ago / Nov 2019
Here's what i learnt from my blogging Journey!

When i started my blogging journey back in 2017 as early as January, i had no idea how this would go and this would flow to me. I had no general goal to achieve but something wasn’t fitting to generalize. I then wanted to focus this journey to make a both portfolio and blog. And this all started back.

My first blog started in HTML format. I used one of the free template available in HTML format from the internet and then started writing the contents for the blog. I made the site ready, tested on the local platform and then uploaded it to the github. Github back then would have no proper support for publishing the github pages but with few tweaks we could make it to work. So, i integreted the domain services and publishing pages setup and tada my blog was live for the first time. The general setup for the blog were.

  1. Domain: [ has expired already and was setup in the cloudflare]
  2. Github page setup: Setup the repository and publish the page. Here’s the archived link to the repo

The mentionable note to include here is the website url which i registered from the Mercantile in 2017 Feb.

After the domain name, expired from the namecheap i then went to local domain registration service here in Nepal to go after and right after my 22nd birthday, i launched my blog and website under the name

After the numerous journey of launching, i tried different platform for my blogging journey. I went to wordpress, blogger and custom hosting platform. Each had different advantages and disadvantages but as soon as i landed into the jekyll platform, [ of course into the ruby platform i jumped into for my coding career ], there was no turning back.

Here are some of the facts from my blogging Journey

  1. First post published: Learn Ruby for beginners the right way? – 2015 July
  2. First Domain:
  3. HTML Platform –> Wordpress –> Jekyll

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