Ubuntu in 10 Years old pc!

By Neymarsabin.


Age: 10 years

RAM: 981MB

Hard Drive Size: 80GB

CPU: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHZ

Width: 64bits

Before Ubuntu

I had installed windows 7 but would stop working after boot if there is no internet connectivity. After connecting to Ethernet port it would stuck forever. Sort of *memory LOW * problem.

After Installing Ubuntu

Installing Ubuntu was the same like others.But tweaking it to use lowest memory(RAM) possible was my challenge. Without tweaking it would again act like windows 7 and stuck at some point.

Things i did:

My first job was to remove the packages that were using the memory unnecessarily First of them was the Ubuntu default desktop environment. I always hate unity. Don’t know why but i have always hated that.

sudo apt remove unity

This couldn’t uninstalled unity-greeter package so had to manually uninstall it.

sudo apt remove unity-greeter

I also removed gnome packages.

sudo apt remove gnome- *

The next thing to do was to remove the Ubuntu display manager which is in fact lightdm by default.

sudo apt remove lightdm

And a quick autoremove of several packages that were no longer needed.

sudo apt autoremove

All combined

sudo apt remove unity unity-greeter gnome- lightdm* sudo apt autoremove

Do not reboot, otherwise you would not have your desktop environment.

Start installing

Do a quick update

sudo apt update

Installing the desktop environment first

sudo apt install i3

As i removed default display manager, i somehow needed to start i3 when X starts, so:

cp /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc /.xinitrc emacsclient .xinitrc

And add the following line at the end of the file to start i3 when i start my X server manually.

exec i3

Now install some useful packages

sudo apt install gnome-terminal ranger tmux openssh-server git htop sudo apt autoremove reboot

And a clean reboot.In the tty terminal enter your username and password.Then, u will be left in the shell(probably bash shell).Enter:


This starts the X server. And also the i3 window manager.

Testing the system

Setup a xampp server Start and use firefox Check for information using htop

This that can be done:

Remove network manager and assign static ip.



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