Learn Ruby for beginners the right way?

Learn Ruby for beginners the right way?

Recently, i switched over ruby, one of the most powerful and pure object oriented programming language. Its not one of the wise and popular decision in the programming world to switch from one another but most of the developer who are doing lots of research from past 10-15 year switch from other languages to Ruby or other. Though I’m not in that type of category, but thats one of the gateway that led me to the Ruby.

Over the few couple week coding and practicing the ruby, i have come to notice the few things that has definitely done lightning in my head. I had some kind of startup idea to perish on and was on the verge to heading over Rails the framework of the ruby which is like Django of Python.

I have some knowledges on C and C++ not enough but sufficient enough to know the things like variables, operators, file handling etc. Though C is considered to be the most powerful languages, Come on guys who tells me leaving C/C++ is a bad idea? Certainly some might agree to me while some might not but thats not important.

The reason I’m writing this blog is not only to elaborate why playing with ruby has been fun lately(I’m early 20s) but what i have been using for it.

Ruby is a general purpose programming language created in the 1990s by Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto. It’s also one of the best languages to start with when you’re first learning to code. Even you don’t know the basics of the programming language but thats not going to be big deal. Grab anything that makes you feel comfortable. There are lots of things in Internet like PDFs, On-line tutorials etc…

So, what do you need?

Like a elephant sized IDE? NO!!

Like a whale sized resource eating Process? No!!

If you are talking about me, i will tell you what u what i use and this is gonna either dazzle you or obsesses you. i use Linux as my OS Ubuntu to be Precise. Then i use terminal and an editor. Sometimes editor mayn’t be the necessary stuff as well. Heres what i will explain. ruby I am using Linux and in particular Ubuntu OS. The thing Linux is that it is Open Source and its FREE. And I’m diving it into and its been a fun.The thing about terminal is i use interactive Ruby. Most ruby-ist don’t use IDE. The founder of Ruby Matsumoto also accepted that he doesn’t use IDE as well.

So, why IRb? IRb or interactive ruby allows you go through instant result and it is interactive as well. In case of editor, most of novice to professional ruby-ist use emacs,VIM, sublime but if you are beginners i wont recommend you use those. You can use gedit and write your code while execute them from Terminal.

So, what you need to do and how? If you want to develop web-based applications and are interested in Object-oriented programming then ruby might be your best option. I prefer switching over Linux Platform but thats not necessary depending upon your field. But what i do suggest you is if you are moving to Rails, then its a good chance to move on.

Learn GIT whatever platform you are as well. It might be extremely helpful even if you are beginners. Learn the basics of terminal and editors. Generally while using the terminal and editors, create and save the code using the editors and execute using terminal. Ruby files have .rb extension and can be executed using ruby filename.rb the most easiest.

Heads up, i didn’t mention the links to search or find about ruby. There are tons of materials in Google.

Even though heres few:

1. 4 reason to Learn Ruby

2. How I learned Ruby on Rails (recommended by founder of Ruby)

Welcome to the rubyist Neighborhood!

Rajan Bhattarai
Rajan Bhattarai
Software Engineer by work. Full Stack Ruby on Rails Developer. DevOps and Blockchain.Tech Blogger. Inquiries and Articles: hello@cdrrazan.com -Rb

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