3 ways to choose Best programming language for beginners!

3 ways to choose Best programming language for beginners!

So, officially the project week has begun and i as well as my team are totally excited about it. We have just submitted the abstract like other groups did and after shortly the process of the proposal submission and defense will begin, which we are eagerly waiting.

Talking about myself, if i am calling this right then you can know me as ruby on rails developer. I started learning ruby in very slow pace as i had lot time. Talking about my group we are Envianto group, like invianto or as inventO. LOL ..) We are four people and pretty much rails developer group. While i am not here to talk about the project idea or anything like that, but about to talk and suggest what programming language you can pick up for your project.

Now, most of us have certainly some idea of programming, some sort of project idea. But we might be stuck somewhere because which programming language should i use or the framework. While i am not here to suggest you to switch the programming language which you might have been doing but to suggest the time frame to learn certain type of programming language that you can use to finish the project even by starting like right now.

The project may contain any type of idea but mostly relating to the secctor like app development, web development. Below are some of the point that i would like to suggest or i know of which will probably help of.

1. If you are making android app then Java is the language which i even don’t need to mention but learning at your own pace, how long will it take? Even i am a beginner, i can’t tell much but being other language programmer what i can tell is that Java is the most difficult programming language that is in the category of the OOP. So, if you are committed then by the end of month working 5-6 hr of day should be enough. This is not my guess, but based on the enough search and reading of the blog.

2. Learning interpreted languages like Python and Ruby won’t take much time. If you know other programming languages then you can switch into them in very less time. Both languages are very Popular and you can even build career in them.I can tell you this much: You can do very well even if you learn more than more than 5hr/day for even less than 2 weeks. You can then dive into frameworks like Rails and Django more easily.

3. Definitely learning JavaScript and making it enough for the project should be easy for us. The different JavaScript frameworks/platform can be picked very fast since we all are familiar with HTML/CSS.However it will be not mentionable to be ready in N number of days. It is easy to pick. Some of the mentionable JS are nodejs, angularjs, emberjs.

The notable mention here are C/C++/php.

Alongside the programming languages, we need database. Database are very important. If one of your member is database programmer or expert, then you will be very much forward as a team. MySQL, Postgresql or Mongodb are some of the popular DBMS of which one of them you need to pick. I dont know much of C#, ASP. So, i can’t tell you much.

But is the above fact true?

This all depends on you. Even i can’t talk about other programming language, but diving into python/ruby would be more fun if you make more apps especially web apps, since you will want to probably enter into django/rails.

Important: While i here mention the time period, none of these can be mastered within a month/weeks. It can take years. Please be advised. If you want to check, there are even books that says “Learn Programming in 10 years” or other. Thanks.:P

Make a commitment, make a schedule, make a hobby, make a passion. It all depends on you. Comment me if you have some issue, queries or any other help needed. I can be helpful at least. Enjoy!

Rajan Bhattarai
Rajan Bhattarai
Software Engineer by work. Full Stack Ruby on Rails Developer. DevOps and Blockchain.Tech Blogger. Inquiries and Articles: hello@cdrrazan.com -Rb

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