How to be the best web developer among the rest?

How to be the best web developer among the rest?

Developing is incredibly rewarding but can also be difficult and frustrating. The strongest assets you can have as a student are a desire to build, a problem-solving mind, and persistence in the face of setbacks. As a professional, it’s important to also understand that software and websites are created for people and that the user or client’s needs should be top of mind throughout the whole process.

So, during the web-development process, one of the interesting section was there on What Kinds of People Make the Best Web Dev?. Really this is one hell of the debate or discussion because there is no more a single answer. So, in order to help and share the knowledge and links i managed to write a blog post based on the description and articles found here.

When we visit some other interesting links in sites like Quora what makes an excellent web developer, the answer is not at a point and often considered as a vague given that you know the basics. Some of the up-voted answers here looks like are as follows:

If I had to hire a web developer, I’d look for the following qualities:

The Hacker Mindset Passionate about their trade Excellent knowledge of HTML Knowledge of HTTP Language / platform-agnostic Separation of concerns.

Another one of the most up-voted answer looks like this:
What makes you great are your "soft skills"?

Are you focused?
Are you driven?
Are you detail-oriented?
Are you reliable?
Do you communicate well?
Are you easy to work with?
Do you learn new things quickly?

Surf more on this page there are some other crazy answer as well.

Then there is this link in Medium with heading Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was Learning How to Code And what I’ve learned from teaching.

You can find here some of the interesting stuff what will happen during the period of your learning and teaching.
Because if you have been doing the same in exactly same time, then you may notice the odds, even. In my case i have been trying to master Rails while teaching HTML and CSS. So this makes me feel the difference between the teaching and learning process. Explore more for the info. It’s worth the time.

There are so many links even in the same page and tons of experience shared in the blog but one of the picture used in Techcrunch-article caught my eye. (PS. I don’t own the image. Thanks to Tech Crunch)

One of the interesting paragraph here located was this.

I’ve found my experience to follow that line closely, and came up with this Recursive Recipe for Learning to Program:

Follow a tutorial step-by-step even if you don’t always understand what you’re doing. I like to think of Hunter S. Thompson copying the books of the Great Masters on his typewriter. You’re getting a feel for how things are done in your new language/framework. This part should be easy, if boring, because you’re just doing what you’re told. [Incline of Optimism]

Rebuild the thing you just made or a slight variation of it. Try not to use the tutorial too much. Realize just how little you understood of what you were doing. [Fear tugs, slowing your ascent]

Try to build something simple that you actually want to make. Discover that you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing. [Sea of Despair]

Find a new tutorial related to your new project. (Hopefully your tutorials are providing you with increasing background on the language.) Follow the steps. [Slight sense of understanding, rise in self-worth]

Rebuild the thing yourself. [Fear]

Start a new project. [Despair]

Repeat steps 1 through 6.

Wow, these are some just interesting stuff i found on the internet. Please do more add if you find ideas too.(I know there will be many on the internet.)

Till then enjoy! We will meet in next blog post.

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