Change Log

All the events and announcement from the blog!

  • [ 21 Nov, 2018 ] Blog Layout Changed!
  • From Navigation Menu to Code snippet and few other major changes were applied to blog. Navigation is much more informative and Start Here has been added for new comers.

  • [ 08 Nov, 2018 ] Status Page launched!
  • Status page for cdrrazan on site status | cdrrazan is launched!. It will cover all the status info on the domain and blogs related with and its entities.

  • [ 04 Nov, 2018 ] Newsletter Launched!
  • Newsletter service by cdrrazan is started with first issue from revue. It includes 5 links and a blog post from

  • [ 29 Sep, 2018 ] SSL certificate Installation!
  • SSL certificate for site and are installed and verified on Gitlab.

  • [ 28 Sep, 2018] About page launched!
  • is published on web with about page for

  • [ 25 Sep, 2018 ] launched!
  • is launched with the Ghost Jekyll theme imported for jekyll theme. Originally, the site used Github for later it was shifted to Gitlab.